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Transit Vehicles

Overloading of transit vehicles on the country’s major roads has witnessed a major decline with compliance rates standing at 98 percent, according to the Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA).The drop has been attributed to stiff penalties on driver found breaking the law according to the authority.This came as the authority identified liftable axles as a major challenge and mainly involves trucks headed to neighbouring countries.According to Danka Africa Kenya Limited, the company contracted by Kenha to manage the Gilgil and Suswa weighbridges, the number of overloaded trucks on the road was on the decline.

Empowering IT Reseller Services with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Upgrading Kenload from Version 1 to Version 2: Enhancing Weighbridge Management in Kenya

The upgrade from Kenload Version 1 to Version 2 represents a significant leap forward in weighbridge management in Kenya. With improved user interface, advanced weighing capabilities, real-time data management, seamless integration, enhanced security, and compliance features, Kenload is set to provide a cutting-edge solution that optimizes weighbridge operations, promotes transparency, and contributes to the efficient management of transportation and logistics across the country.